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SmartFile GmbH - Die intelligente Cloud aus Österreich
PCCL works as the leading Austrian research centre in the realm of plastics technology and polymer sciences, with partners who operate worldwide, such as AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG, Andritz AG, voestalpine Stahl GmbH, FACC AG, SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH, and many others.

For us it is necessary to be able to exchangevast quantities of data with our research partners. Our data is subject tostrict secrecy requirements, so we want to use and need to use optimally-secured networks. It wasout of the question for us to store data on US servers. SmartFile offers us the optimum solution and is precisely tailored to match our needs.
Our R&D projects are processed by our team of around 100 individuals. Of course, in this process we pursue astrict authorisation concept, always having our data in sight. We know in detail who is processing which documents, and have precise knowledge of the current data-status. For PCCL it is important to have found, in SmartFile, a reliable partner with regard to the topic of data storage and data transfer – a sensitive topic for us; with this partner, our data is stored in accordance with theEuropean data-protection requirements and at the highest level of security.

As an independent provider of electricity, we offer genuinely environment-friendly electricity from Austria at fair prices. Our corporate philosophy attaches much importance toflexibility and transparency. With SmartFile we have found an Austrian partner who renders support to us in our business processes and, in doing so, also subscribes to our values as a company.

Alpenstrom was seeking an opportunity to providedata to customers quickly and to offer them an area, on a lasting basis, where they can share their documents with us. Becausepersonalised customer care is very important to us, these customers also receive apersonal data-space. From the changeover to another electricity provider, via consumer details and through to invoicing,personal data is exchanged with the customer there, anddocuments are made available accordingly. In this way,at any time and via their smartphones, customers can comfortably find out about their consumption and current status regarding eco-friendly electicity. SmartFile provides support to us as it continues to match ourhigh level of customer service!

In addition, theprice-structure and thehigh level of scalability make SmartFile unbeatable as a partner. Depending on the level of growth, we can extend our package of services according to requirements, in an uncomplicated way, flexibly and transparently.

It is much easier to coordinate projects between the office, the building site and the partners!

Guaranteed confidentiality of communications between Management Board members!

SmartFile GmbH - Die intelligente Cloud aus Österreich
Aeon Consulting is an international consultancy company, accompanying business development projects and transformation processes worldwide. International relationships are an integral part of our daily work. In this, we focus our efforts on concerted cooperation in a network consisting of experts. This collaboration demands thehighest degree of coordination and communication. So mobility counts as one of the crucial demands placed upon the company`s IT infrastructure. Yet the infrastructure that was previously used, consisting of local servers, did not fulfil these needs to our satisfaction. We at AEON decided in favour of SmartFile because it means that we canshare expert reports with one another internally and can exchange inputs in our complementary teams of experts. For our customers and project groups, who operate worldwide just as we do, we can now store documents of any size, securely and centrally. Photo documentation and material relating to meetings areuploaded here, are immediately accessible for everybody involved, and simultaneously they arearchived for the long term, in a targeted way.

Lost USB sticks, files containing errors, or a defective laptop – now such matters no longer get us into a state, and neither does the challenge of transporting great quantities of paper documents half way around the world. Using SmartFile, documents and presentations are downloaded in their most up-to-date version, directly by us on the spot, onto a laptop or tablet.

In the context of our educational mission in Austria, directed at preventing addiction and violence among children and adolescents, we conduct info-events nationwide, holding presentations and workshops.

SmartFile offers us acentral platform for sharing outthe presentation documents among the team members, enabling us to call this material off,directly on the spot in the most up-to-date version. In addition, we use SmartFile in order to make documents andinfo brochures available to our participants. Above all, in the workshops and when working with youngsters, using the SmartFile app for the data exchange makes a convincing case.

The safe alternative to Dropbox!
SmartFile GmbH - Die intelligente Cloud aus Österreich
In market research for renowned clients such as voestalpine, Raiffeisen, Ferrero, Bipa, Vöslauer und xxxLutz, we conduct a series of projects in the `brain-scanner`, analyse advertising spots and render support to marketing strategies, using the knowledge gained in this way.

In certain aspects, study results and scan results arevery sensitive data of very significant dimensions. Using SmartFile, for each of our customers we have therefore set up an individualdata-space with specific authorisations, one in which we make the accumulated results available for customers.

As market researchers, we are aware of the power of the subconscious; as a result,details are highly important to us. Now that we haveadapted SmartFile to match our corporate design and havedesigned customers`data-spaces accordingly, we have received positive feedback across the board for this kind of data transfer. SmartFile provides support to us in developing the bond with the customer, strengthens trust in our company and itenhances our reputation.

For product introductions, you can also use SmartFile to grant certain individuals access to confidential documents in advance, while simultaneously ensuring that expertise and valuable ideas are not lost in that process.

In day-to-day operations, we have neither the necessary time nor the knowledge to concern ourselves with IT matters. For me as an entrepreneur, it is important to have acentral administration for our company documents, with a secured back-up.
Myemployees, whether in the office or out visiting customers at their premises, should be able toaccess this data at any time, enabling us to guarantee our customers the smooth management of our affairs. Making theswitchover to SmartFile was child’s play. After we received the log-in data, the staff members were issued with authorisations accordingly and all available files were copied onto SmartFile. We did not need to assign anyone with the task of installation or anything of that kind, and were able to implement everything independently in the course of our ongoing activities. The staff found that they were quickly able to navigate within the system; as a result, after only a short time it was no problem to get the team`s endorsement of the switchover. Now we have even begun scanning-in and digitalising all contracts and paper documents from our files, so as to store them grouped together on SmartFile.

Headquarters makes documents available for all branch offices and thus guarantees that all the companyꞌs sites have simple access to up-to-date company data.

Business CaseWorkflow for printing works

A customer gives a printing job to a print-works. The data files are often too extensive for them simply to be sent by e-mail. The files have to be laboriously compressed, for them to be unpacked again later elsewhere. And before the ultimate green light is given and the print-presses roll, this `game` repeats itself several times, so people involved can easily lose their overview on current status. Integrate SmartFile into your CRM worfklow and make everyday working life easier for yourself and your customers, as described below: a customer gives a printing job to a print-works. To do this they use the print-works` website portal in order to set up a new assignment. The website records the key data for the order (quantity, paper quality, etc.). During this process, in the background and on an automated basis, a SmartFile data-space is set-up for this assignment. In this way, the end-customer can simply make available the raw data, such as photos and texts. Depending on the order-data, the system selects the staff member suitable for this assignment and that person is notified about this new order. That team member implements the layour and the design and makes the result available for the customer in the data-space. The customer carries out a check of the result and confirms that the documents are correct. Through this workflow of confirmation the print-works` customer-claims quota is very significantly reduced. The print-works` employee responsible for executing the printing work is notified by the system, so that the assignment can be begun. Very similar, CRM-integrated workflows are also conceivable for instances of damage being handled by insurance companies (upload of photos), technical user support (making log files available in a case of provision of support) or tax-consultant’s documents (transfer of wage slips to the head of personnel).

Now at last it is also possible to have internet-based client communication that conforms to data-protection regulations.

Business CaseProvider of insurance services

The insurance sector is a fiercely-contested market. Here it is hugely important to always be one step ahead of the competition. SmartFile offers you an absolute head-start in customer service. Professional customer-care and rapid processing of assignments make you unbeatable.

Data must be stored securely, yet in the event of customer enquiries it must be called off again quickly. SmartFile fulfils all security requirements established in law. You can make available to each of your customers a data-space all of their own, one where they can store all contracts. They decide who has access to that data-space. There the customer finds all their policies; in the event of a case of damage, the customer can themselves load photos and accident reports into this file. Thanks to the simple 3-click system, even customers who are not technically well-versed can navigate the application easily. The insurance broker no longer needs to pass on the reports because the subject-specialist dealing with the matter simply obtains the relevant documents from the data-space and can process them straightaway. That way, you have a highly-secure and individual storage place, available at all times; also, if this is the customer`s wish, you can also grant (external) subject experts access to individual documents.

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