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share files
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Onesoftware - manypossibilities.

The SmartFile software provides you with a whole range of possibilities for making your everyday working life substantially easier. For this you do not need a laborious IT infrastructure or costly security measures. SmartFile takes over all these tasks for you.
Find out here how you can use SmartFile in your company:

The network solution

as a server replacement.

The client portal

for secure exchange of documents.

The employee portal

for efficient data-management.

The business-archive

as a server extension.

The highly secure data-space

for sensitive data-delivery.

The flexible design

for sharing large files.

SmartFile completes your IT!

the internal network solution as a replacement to a server.

It is primarilysmall businesses and start-ups, having few resources, that often face the challenge of having to master the requirements of a complex IT infrastructure. Building up and administering data-storage systems, servers and back-up tools, in addition to the maintenance of software installations, including firewalls: these are tasks that not only generate high costs - they also demand a certain degree of expertise and time.

Thesmarte solution

No installations

Using a simple internet connection and any end-device, SmartFile provides you with a complete network solution, enabling you to build up your own complete network structure, completely without administrator knowledge and experts help.

Everything from a single source

By administering authorisation and users, you decide who obtains access to which data; in any browser you can carry out your business processes efficiently and securely. SmartFile stores and administers your documents, producing a back-up second-by-second. You do not need to carry out any further maintenance work.

Highest-level security

Using SmartFile you automatically cover all data-protection directives and compliance stipulations required by law. In addition, SmartFile, in guaranteeing you 2-factor authentication, as well as the encryption techniques used by banks and credit institutions, and also the world’s first ISO 27018 certification, offers you a security concept that no medium-sized company can independently provide for itself, operating fully independently in this regard.


Create users and assign authorizations

Backup-safe Backup
with Time Warp

Log in and start

Create data space and
upload documents

At a glance - your advantages:

  • No expensive acquisisiton costs
  • High degree of scalability
  • Replacement of a server
  • No complicated configurations
  • No maintenance operations

  • Central place of storage for documents
  • Complete document management
  • Automatic securing of data
  • Observance of compliance regulations established by law
  • The system grows as company´s success grows

Complete package starting from € 24.90

Even the smallest package provides you with the full scope of functions. Due to its scalable size, each SmartFile package can grow as your corporate success grows.

Highest-level customer service!

the customer portal for secure exchange of documents..

For you, customers and business relationships are the focal point of your success. Theexchange of documents, sensitive files and project data serve as a key constituent part of daily work. Do your requirements includeserving customers in a fast and targeted way, while ensuring aprecisely-documented administration of your processes? If so, SmartFile is just right for you.

Thesmart solution

Cooperation via SmartFile enables you to have anefficient, time-saving workflow. Customer-care can be provided in amore direct, service-oriented way. This gives you an enormous lead in relation to your competitors. With SmartFile you prove your professionalism far beyond the physical confines of your desk.

Unrestricted service

In data-spaces designed on an individual basis, make data available in unlimited size and in any format you like. Using SmartFile, even sensitive content can be exchanged in a quick and uncomplicated way. With SmartFile you improve your customer service, simplifying communications between you and your partners.

Absolute monitoring

The tailor-made authorisation system enables your customers and partners to view and to process solely the information designated for them. Via recording of activities in a log without gaps, you are informed at all times concerning the location of your data. SmartFile thereby offers you transparency and a monitoring capability, thus protecting your company´s know-how.

Highest-level security

With SmartFile you automatically comply with all required data-protection directives and compliance stipulations. In addition, SmartFile meets the highest security standards, in guaranteeing you 2-factor authentication as well as the encryption techniques used by banks and credit institutions, together with the world´s first ISO 27018 certification.

Administering users and issuing authorisations

Monitoring the logging of access

Producing and designing a data-space

Uploading and downloading files in the data-space:

At a glance – youradvantages:

  • Simple mode of operation
  • Service-orientation
  • Time-saving
  • Tailor-made authorisation concept
  • Unlimited quantity of data-spaces and file uploads

  • Maintaining a log of all actions, securely recording all revisions/amendments
  • ISO 27018 certification
  • The company maintains sovereignty over its own data
  • Observance of rules governing compliance, as required by law
  • Highest security standards

24/7 Teamwork

the team-members portal for efficient document management..

You have worked on a document at the office and would like to work on it again at home or on a business trip. Without access to the company network or sending a document to your private e-mail address you can´t do this.

In this age of growing mobility and constantly-changing workplaces, each company faces the challenge of enabling team members to have access to corporate data, always and everywhere, while still safeguarding the maximum level of security.

Thesmart solution

Don’t make any compromises – work with SmartFile from any platform and on any end-device.Regardless of whether it is at the company’s premises, at the home office, or on an external sales trip, in the future you have your data available, always and everywhere.

Internal activity sequences are administered more flexibly and quickly, and everyone involved is always informed about the latest current status of work on the project.

24/7 availability of data

Using a simple internet connecction, you can access your current data from any end-device at any time. Regardless of whether you are on a business trip, work in sales, or are currently in your home-office, your office is where you are.

Unrestricted Teamwork

Documents jointly processed in the team, in the department or in a larger group than that, can be shared with one another on SmartFile. All changes are logged for you, so that everyone involved is informed about current status. In addition, previous versions can be restored with to-the-second precision and do not get lost.

Tailor-made authorisation system

You can make available to your staff precisely those items of information that they need and are permitted to see. Employees can be subdivided into groups. That way, for instance, the accounting group can be given authorisation to access the wage-calculation file. If one of these team-members leaves the company, that person merely needs to be removed from the group and, if applicable, a new person added to it. The new staff member thereby has exactly the correct authorisation and is ready to start work straightaway.

Processing jointly-used files

Security in the event of any document revisions, using Time Warp

24/7 data availability

Issuing authorisations

At a glance – youradvantages:

  • Simple mode of operation
  • Service-orientation
  • Time-saving
  • Tailor-made authorisation concept
  • Unlimited quantity of data-spaces and file uploads

  • Safely managing revisions while maintaining a log of all activities
  • Highest security standards
  • Means of working securely even while out and about
  • Global round-the-clock access via web-browser or mobile device
  • Can be used from any end-device

Secure and readily to hand

the business archive as a server extension..

It is a science in itself to take invoices, contracts and other official documents, etc. and store them correctly while archiving them in a purposeful way. Above all, if everyone follows their own storage system, it is often not possible for others to keep track of this, making the process of retrieval into a marathon of searching.

The traditional internal back-up can be expensive, slow and hard to administer. In addition the storing of large quantities of data on your premises can generate substantial energy costs

Thesmart solution

SmartFile serves as yourBusiness Storage facility for your digital documents. Here, corporate data is administered in a way that offers a user-friendly overview and is archived in a uniform structure, so that you always have your documents safe and readily to hand.


Scanned-in letters and documents, as well as PDFs, pictures and e-mails already available digitally, can be administered and archived securely, using SmartFile. All changes are logged and previous versions can be called-up again immediately. Even if your PC is non-operational because of viruses or hardware damage, your data is secured on SmartFile and readily to hand for you at all times.

Secure Business Storage

Your data is stored in the most modern EU computing centres (DE), with ISO 27018 certification, and thereby complies with European legislation on data protection. You can determine for yourself where and how your data is stored. In addition, SmartFile employs the most advanced encryption techniques. Each of your files is encrypted individually and there is no master key that can deactivate the encryption on everything! Data sovereignty remains within your company.


Through maximum automation and system monitoring, SmartFile Storage offers you a back-up according to the highest security standards; it grows as your company grows. The scalable size makes it easy to get a cost overview and for costs to be precisely plannable.

Data-space administration

Time Warp – security in data revision

Storing files

Data encryption (AES256 CBC)

At a glance – youradvantages:

  • Cost-saving
  • Data-availability 24/7 (SLA 99.9%)
  • Simple administration
  • Tailor-made authorisation concept
  • Unlimited upload of files

  • Secure revisions: all activities are logged
  • Highest security standards
  • Encryption (AES256 + RSA 4096)
  • Data-storage that securely retains different versions over time (Time Warp)
  • First ISO 27018 certification worldwide

Highly secure data-spaces

the highly secure data-space for sensitive transfer of data..

It is primarily in the administration of the law that documents, plans and other data are required to be checked, approved and officially signed. The process is similar for documents that are subject to anon-disclosure obligation. This issensitive data, the transfer of which is regulated in data-protection law or respectively in telecommunication law. Content of this nature is not permitted to be sent by e-mail but rather must be delivered by post. This procedure demands time and money that can be better deployed in the future, with the help of SmartFile.
The smart solution

Thesmart solution

Consider this

Digital delivery of wage-payment statements to one’s own employees in their own personal data-space saves an average of EUR 3.10 per document; the document would otherwise would need to be printed, put into an envelope, given a stamp and sent – and then takes forever to reach the recipient.
In addition, as an entrepreneur you are obliged by law to secure your customer data in an encrypted way and to protect it against third-party access. In the digital age, information is an important corporate asset and thus particularly worth protecting.

Security concept

With the world´s first ISO 27018 certification, SmartFile guarantees observance of European data-protection law and also of all statutory requirements and compliance rules. In addition, SmartFile offers a security concept that a small-to-mediuim-sized business cannot provide for itself through its own in-house operations.
Each individual file is encrypted in itself and there is no master key that deactivates the encryption on everything. Documents of an especially delicate nature can be additionally secured using a 2-factor authentication.

Corporate Design

Individual arrangement of data-spaces

File upload: drag & drop

Data-space designer

At a glance – youradvantages:

  • Cost-saving
  • Observance of all requirements established by law
  • Simple administration
  • Tailor-made authorisation concept
  • Unlimited file upload

  • Secure revisions: all activities are logged
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Encryption (AES256 + RSA 4096)
  • Data-storage that securely retains different versions over time (Time Warp)
  • First ISO 27018 certification worldwide

Creative free-space

the flexible-design system for sharing large files..

Typically it is marketing departments, advertising agencies and also architectural practises that often send large file attachments. In particular,videos, pictures, posters or building-plans frequently exceed the data-transfer capacity of some e-mail servers. If the sender resorts to traditional sharing portals for data-exchange, such as Dropbox (among others), the data can no longer be sufficiently protected. The data is then exposed to the threat of hacker attacks and those involved may possibly also be violating rules of data-protection and compliance established by law.

Thesmart solution

Using SmartFile, the file size does not matter. Quite simply make all your documents available to your customers and partners, in an unlimited quantity of data-spaces, designing the user-interface completely in accordance with your needs.

Unlimited data-exchange

Regardless of the file formats that you work with – PDF, jpg, eps, mp4, etc. – using SmartFile, you can upload pictures, videos, and Acrobat documents (…) of unlimited size, simply by using drag & drop, sharing them with colleagues, customers and partners in an unlimited quantity of data-spaces.


Adapt SmartFile to your corporate design, structuring the data-spaces with your own pictures, colours or your customers logos. Using the SmartFile application in your established corporate design, you convey a feeling of familiarity and security, not only to employees but also to customers. You strengthen your brand and demonstrate a professionalism that stretches far beyond the physical boundaries of your place of work.
Using SmartFile, you enhance the bond with your customer by greeting each of your customers in a data-space designed for them, thereby demonstrating your high regard for them as your customers. Elevate your customer relationship to a new level.

Corporate Design

Individual arrangement of data-spaces

File upload using drag & drop

Data-space designer

At a glance – youradvantages:

  • Unlimited upload of files
  • Data availability 24/7 (SLA 99.9%)
  • Simple administration
  • Conforms to compliance-requirements
  • Complies with European data-protection directives

  • Strengthening of your own brand
  • Instrument for strengthening the bond with the customer
  • Flexible in terms of arrangement of content
  • Unlimited number of data-spaces
  • Most modern security standards

Give your life a smart design!